Sunday, January 6, 2013

New ...Year...

This has probably been my longest break from blogging in a few years. It has been a busy few months...One with little time spent in introspection.

But I just had "coffee" (I drank  Synergy Mango Kombucha- if you haven't discovered it yet, try some so yummy!) with a friend, we talked about so many things, and I am feeling some bloginess coming on.

The Holidays were wonderful...

We celebrated a special advent
Advent calender (a blog post on this coming soon!)
And Roo Girl turned 5
Pup Cakes at our Puppy Party

Party Craft ...We made Doggy Bags (har har)
Sweet 5 year old

And we had a wonderful Christmas...
Christmas Kisses
A modular doll house- wonderful gift!
 And the Pip Squeak (11 months) has learned to climb and walk

The moment we realized she could climb...She joined her sisters...*on* the table. Of course I quickly snapped a pic!

 That has meant extra busy days and not much time to blog. She is a handful, I forgot how busy those tiny people can be!!

2012 was a year of evaluating my priorities and my goals to be intentional and present.

This year I see more of that theme, but also digging in and learning what it means to honor the people (big and small) in my family. I plan on doing a book review on The Child Whisperer very soon. It is some thing I an currently digging through and very excited to hash out here.

I want to look at, what is honor?

And how can I love my family with more purpose? How can I make them feel more loved?

And how can I show myself that honor as well...

To 2013, a year of intentional parenting, honor for self and others, and learning how to love on purpose!

Will you join me?

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