Saturday, September 6, 2014

Back Yard Unit Day1

Okay here we go...Day 1
Our Theme: Literature Day!
  • Reading: 1 Chapter of Ribsy
  • Genesis 1&2 ( Egermier's p. 11)
  • One Small Square p. 3-9 
Other Books to enjoy together:
  • My Garden by Keven Henkes
  • We're Going on a Bear Hunt by Helen Oxenbury
  • Poems to Read to the Very Young by Eloise Wilken
Investigation Activity:
We headed outside and each picked ours square looking high, low, inside, and underneath for signs of life. We found spiders, beetles, worms, ants, we carefully pulled up some soil to observe inside our glass jar.

Pre-School/Kindergarten Literacy Activity
Our Letter of the week is "A" and our Number is "1"
  •  read about Albatrosses on page 91 of our DK Animal Encylopedia
  •  HOD finger Play for letter "A"
  • Fine Motor Activity (Painters Tape Letter A to floor, have children decorate A's with Pom Poms, legos, or blocks while listening to Bible Story)
  • Letter 1 Activity (I had children find "1" thing to show and tell me about)
Arts and Crafts
 (my other playlists are very much a work in progress. *Also please note: youtube is not a child-friendly place. I previewed all the videos in my playlist to be sure they were safe and appropriate. Even so, **Careful supervision is recommended**)
  • Fill in Notebooking Animal Profile page for one animal we found that morning
  • Begin decorating divider pages (if children enjoy that sort of thing, my kids live for "art" and drawing!)

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